Professional Licensing Attorney

Professional Licensing Attorney

Your license is your livelihood, and when someone is trying to take it from you, we know what means – and we know what to do.

We represent clients before all levels of state and federal administrative agencies (and corresponding courts upon any appeal into the judicial system).  Among the matters routinely handled by our attorneys are licensing and permit issues, regulatory compliance and appeals of fines and sanctions and other adverse licensing sanctions such as suspensions and revocations.

For those of you holding professional licenses, you likely know that dealing with the governing agencies is a daunting proposition, and sometimes seems like if you are on their radar, the deck is already stacked against you.  While a license is a privilege, it still cannot be taken from you without firm grounds – and we stand ready to test and challenge whatever allegations are made against you, in an attempt to have the licensing agency reduce the sanction to something that will allow you to do what you trained to do.  Using a multi-specialty approach, our attorneys solve and prevent problems for all types of healthcare providers, representing their interests before the various Boards of Examiners the State.

Beyond simply standing up for your rights as a licensed professional, our experienced attorneys also provide a broad range of preventive and curative services for our health-care clients in the areas of Business Transactions (Management Services Arrangements and Contract disputes), Leasing or Purchase/sale Agreements and disputes, vendor agreements and disputes).

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