Civil Litigation and Trial Lawyers

Civil Litigation and Trial Lawyers

No one wants to get embroiled in a lawsuit but in many cases, it is the only way to solve a problem that has arisen. In cases where a lawsuit is inevitably the only way to solve a problem, it is important that the person involved finds the right representation. It is especially important in civil litigation cases because the individual filing such a case will likely need financial recompense. 

Civil Litigation and Trial Lawyer Las Vegas

At Hogan Hulet, our attorneys have over a decade of civil litigation and trial experience so they can help anyone who needs help in those matters. They can help their clients to recover the compensation that they need and deserve and are willing to represent them in a trial should that become necessary. If you are involved in a civil litigation case in Las Vegas, then Hogan Hulet is the law firm you need to help you.

What is Civil Litigation?

In civil litigation cases, criminality is not an issue, but that does not mean that the consequences of the case are not serious because they could have life-changing repercussions for all involved. Those repercussions are mainly financial since there is no risk of jail time, the stakes in a civil litigation case are all about one party getting financial compensation from another party. 

A civil litigation trial proceeds in much the same fashion as a criminal trial, but the main difference is that the standard of proof is lower in a civil trial. That means that in order to win the case, one party must simply present more convincing evidence to the judge or jury than the other party. Whereas in a criminal trial, one party must not only present more convincing evidence, they must also prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt.

Examples of Civil Litigation Cases

Civil litigation encompasses a wide variety of categories so it tends to cover a lot of ground. However, most attorneys only specialize in one or two areas of practice. A Hogan Hulet, we specialize in business law but the following are some of the other disputes that fall under the civil litigation umbrella:

There are other types of civil litigation cases but the above are some of the most common.

How a Civil Litigation Case Proceeds

A civil litigation case proceeds along several stages, though not every case goes through every single stage. The first stage is investigation, which is where the attorney determines if there is enough evidence to warrant a claim. If there is, then the attorney will gather as much evidence as possible by interviewing witnesses, finding surveillance footage, locating important documents, and so on. Next, the attorney will draft pleadings and motions to the court on behalf of their client. 

After that is the discovery process, which is typically the longest stage in the case. This is when the attorneys for each party exchange all of the information that they have gathered so that they can examine the available evidence and provide the best defense for their client. Once that stage is completed each party and their attorneys will usually enter mediation, which is where a neutral third party tries to get each party to come to a resolution. This is done in order to avoid a trial since it can be expensive and time-consuming. However, if mediation is unsuccessful, then it is on to a trial where the evidence is presented to a judge and jury to decide the outcome of the case.

If the trial does not go the way the lawyer expected, then they can file an appeal on behalf of their client. It should be noted that most civil litigation cases never make it to the trial stage and are resolved much earlier.

Contact Hogan Hulet If You Have a Business Civil Litigation Case

By now you can see why civil litigation cases can be so serious and you can also see why the right civil litigation attorney is so important. That is why you should get in touch with us at Hogan Hulet if you have a business civil litigation case that you want to be resolved in your favor. We know that the financial stakes tend to be high in these cases, which is why you want the best representation possible. We will use our years of experience to give our clients the best possible defense and the best chance of a favorable outcome. So contact Hogan Hulet to get the help that you need.