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If you are a business owner in Las Vegas, you need a business lawyer who will provide your enterprise with vital aid in whatever legal matters you require, including compliance, incorporation, operating or shareholder agreements, contract preparation or review, business transactions, intellectual property, litigation, just to name a few. Hogan Hulet, PLLC is a Las Vegas business law firm with the single aim of helping your business resolve any of the above issues in or out of the courtroom. We have an established track record of success and we get effective results for our business clients.


Client-centered advice and representation. You partner with Hogan Hulet to focus on your case and your needs to enable us to work together to obtain the result you want.


Strategic approach to meeting your goals. We do more than just see things. We focus our vision directly on your short and long-term view to ensure the results we obtain meet your goals.


Our big firm backgrounds couple with our small firm focus. Our attorneys gained experience at big firms, and combine that expertise with focused personalized attention on the intricacies of your case.

Why should you hire a business lawyer in Las Vegas?

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It’s easy to put off the decision to hire a business attorney, thinking that you’ll have time to deal with legal issues as they arrive. But shouldn’t you question the soundness of this way of thinking? Once someone knocks on your door and presents you with a summons, do you really want to work with an attorney who is completely unfamiliar with you, with your business, and with the way you operate? Not to mention the added stress of looking for a lawyer as things are unfolding. You might have thought you were saving some money by not having a business lawyer on retainer, but you really should consider how much more you might have to end up paying once the problem is already upon you.

A business attorney in Las Vegas will stand by you every step of the way, from forming your business structure to drafting and reviewing documents and contracts to enforcing intellectual property rights and more. Your business lawyer will always be by your side.

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What are the most significant issues a Las Vegas
business lawyer can help you address?

Hogan Hulet PLLC business attorneys can be useful to you in ways that you may not anticipate.
Here are several types of services Hogan Hulet PLLC Las Vegas business lawyers will provide.

Business Organization

As stated above, when starting a business, you need to decide if it will be a corporation, a limited partnership, a limited liability company (LLC), or a sole proprietorship. Your business lawyer will help determine the best structure for your business and they will prepare all the necessary paperwork.


Your business lawyer in Las Vegas will understand your business and prepare all of the contracts you will need. Whether you draft documents for your customers, your vendors or suppliers, your employees, or your business associates, your lawyer will prepare all the needed documents and can also advise you whether or not you should commit your signature to someone else’s paperwork.

Intellectual Property

Your Las Vegas business attorney will protect and enforce the intellectual property of your business, whether it’s trademark, copyright, or patents so that you can profit from them and increase the value of your business.

Real Estate

Will you need to lease or buy a commercial space, a warehouse, an office, a retail location, or another piece of real estate? Will you need to enforce or defend the terms of a commercial lease either as a commercial landlord or tenant? Leases and contracts related to commercial real estate are extremely complex. Your business lawyer will make sure that if you need to sign one, anything that needs to be added or eliminated will be.

Civil Litigation and Trial

Your experienced business lawyer in Las Vegas will fight for you to get you what you deserve. Whether you have claims that need to be asserted or you need to defend a lawsuit, our team of lawyers will carefully listen to you, evaluate your case, and deliver personalized service that will result in the best possible outcome for you.

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Hogan Hulet, PLLC: Your Business Attorneys in Las Vegas

With a team of experienced attorneys who are passionate about helping business owners solve all manner of legal issues, Hogan Hulet, PLLC will be your business attorney in Las Vegas. You will be valued like family and treated as such. Give us a call today to set up your initial consultation and get the peace of mind you deserve.