Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation

We have significant experience in handling complex industry litigation in a wide range of business disputes. We regularly appear in Nevada state court and federal court on assorted litigation matters regarding commerce, business and industry.

Our goal is to protect our clients’ assets: property, time, people, goodwill, intellectual capital.We work with our clients to formulate an end-game goal from the very start, and then fight to reach that goal.Our clients are integral to, and involved in, the process from start to finish.We pride ourselves in being business and industry counselors, with an understanding of cost/benefit analysis in seeing the big picture.At the end of the day, our representation is about relationships – ours with our valued clients.

In representing our litigation clients, we keep in mind the time, cost, and emotional investment our clients invest in a legal dispute, especially litigation.We take the most efficient, cost-effective and negotiated path, so long as that path is consistent with our clients’ desired result.To meet these goals, we draw on our own skills and knowledge, as well as the skill and knowledge of our allied attorney network.We also work with professionals outside the firm, such as accountants, valuators, economists, and engineers in order to provide full and complete representation in relation to the nature of the dispute.

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